GOP Hopes to Win Big in Illinois, Wisconsin

The Associated Press
President Barack Obama answers questions during his visit with John Nicolas, center, and Nicole Armstrong, right, in Fairfax, Va., Monday.

SPRINGFIELD (WIFR) -- Governor Pat Quinn is trailing republican challenger Bill Brady.

The race for President Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat is neck-and-neck and republicans are targeting at least three U.S. house seats.

Democrats face anger over the Rod Blagojevich scandal, Quinn’s call for higher taxes and the failure of Broadway Bank where U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias once worked.

That’s why President Obama is on a road trip, four states in two days and Wisconsin is on the list.

President Obama’s schedule includes a handful of events in intimate settings. Where he can take off his jacket and talk face to face persuading undecided voters not to vote republican in November.

Polls show, voters believe it's the republicans who will more likely create jobs and fix the economy.

"Elections at this point in the game are as much about emotion as they are about policy choices. if democrats feel better about the president, the prospects for his agenda then they'll show up in the polls." said CBS news political analyst, Marc Ambinder.

Some democrats are distancing themselves from the president, among them Democratic Senator Russ Feingold.

Feingold is not attending the president’s speech in Madison.

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