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About Us

As the best wholesale mattress company in the midwest, you can count on us to deliver. Whether you need to replace hotel, retirement center or dorm beds or need mattresses for RV’s or trucks, we offer the best in quality and price.

Handcrafting mattresses in Beloit, Wisconsin, since 1929

For over 80 years, we’ve been improving our mattress lines with new innovation and technology – while maintaining quality control through traditional bed-making practices.

Our passion is all about quality sleep. It’s the foundation of our being. And we know, by crafting quality handmade mattresses, we can help improve the quality of life through a better night’s sleep.

Read more to learn our story and why we’re the clear choice for your next mattress purchase.

Our Top 5 Reasons Why To Choose Us

  1. We have experience: Family owned and operated since 1929
  2. We’re innovators: Time-tested practices coupled with the latest mattress technology
  3. We’re bed makers: We don’t just sell our mattresses, we make them ourselves, one at a time
  4. We’re sleep consultants: We’re interested in your quality of sleep, not in making cushy commissions
  5. We stand behind our work: We guarantee our mattresses with our total comfort assurance

We believe in quality sleep. Because quality sleep leads to better health and better overall quality of life.  This is the passion that drives us.

Purchasing a new mattress means making an investment of your money, time and trust. Our Sleep Geek-certified consultants have a passion for all things relating to sleep.  And our goal is to match you with the perfect mattress solution for you and your family.

We don’t play price games, we don’t use bait and switch advertising and we don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics.

We don’t need to.  Because we believe you won’t find a better mattress at a better value.

We truly believe we offer the best mattress products for your hard-earned money.  Start shopping NOW!

Conforming to Your Sleep Needs

With custom, handcrafted mattress design

Beloit Mattress Company has been handcrafting high quality, durable mattresses – one at a time – in our local, family-owned Beloit, Wisconsin, mattress factory since 1929.

Innovation doesn’t always mean “new.” Sometimes innovation means reverting back to time-tested practices that were effective but have since been abandoned. And the mattress industry is no exception.

Yes, we still make many of our mattresses the old-fashioned way – by hand.

Adjustable Bases - Your bed is more than a place to sleep If you need customized support due to a particular health problem or need, consider the numerous benefits an adjustable base can add to your overall quality of life. One of the disadvantages of traditional beds is their inability to evenly distribute pressure across the entire sleep surface. This puts strain on the heart while discouraging proper circulation. This is where an adjustable base can work wonders. An adjustable base offers a fully custom, adjustable sleep system that gives you the comfort and support you need for all of the things you do in the bedroom.

One of the most impactful benefits of an adjustable sleep system is its allowance for ergonomically correct sleep positioning – which promotes natural curvature of the spine. Encouraging healthy posture throughout the night will curb the many discomforts that inhibit deep, restful sleep.

Mattress Accessories to Complete Your Sleep System - The mattress itself is only the first step

After finding your perfect mattress, you have to complete the equation with the right mattress accessories. Everything from pillows to mattress protectors, you want a solution that will not only give you better sleep but a better quality of life.

You’ve already spent the research and money into finding the perfect bed. So why stop there? You want to protect your investment, as well as optimize your sleep with comfort for your entire body.

With the right bedding ingredients, you’ll be able to personalize your sleep experience, providing increased comfort throughout the night.

Bedroom and Futon Furniture to Complement Your Home - We offer stylish, quality furniture and at an incredible value Thoughtful design. Tailored finishes. From classic nursery furniture to adult bedroom furniture to a full line of futons and accessories, we have furniture to match your hand-crafted mattress.

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