Three local boxers win at the National Silver Gloves

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) A trio of local boxers are fresh off a win, but they want more.

11-year-old Yahel Flores, 12-year-old Flinn Middle Schooler Gavin Bernal and 14-year-old Braulio Arcos-Rodriguez all grabbed victories at the National Silver Gloves in Missouri.

Patriots Boxing Club coach Jimmy Goodman says this new batch of athletes is more determined than ever to win.

For Arcos-Rodriguez, it was his second straight silver gloves victory and he credits his support system for motivating him.

"Everyone's been helping me, my coaches, my parents," said Arcos-Rodriguez. "Everyone's just pushing me in the gym to keep going and I push myself to keep going and that just motivates me to keep going."

"They want to learn and they keep wanting to learn," said Goodman. "Once they win, they're not satisfied. They want to win more and they want to win better than last time. I see the killer instinct in them and that's huge in our sport. They've got to have the killer instinct and they've got to want to win and these boys are wanting to win right now."