Stateline YMCA gymnastics team prepares for nationals

BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) There are plenty of options in the area to hone your skills in gymnastics. However, it's about finding the right fit.

"It's just another section of gymnastics that's more affordable for everyone and it gives everybody an opportunity to kind of go get their goals."

Dalton Struebin is in his third year as the Stateline YMCA head coach. This is also his second year as Gymnastics Program Manager. He explained that the "Y" is just as good of an option as any.

"Classes are very structured with the time-wise," said Struebin. "All the coaches are on the same page.The coaches work together. They help each other out. If they have a question, they come up and ask right away. That's how were able to be so efficient."

One reason or another, gymnasts from both sides of the state border come to Beloit to work on their skills.

"It was closer to home," confessed Janesville resident Rylie Arensdorf. "We just loved how everyone connected rather than the other gym that I went to."

"I love the environment here, exclaimed Hononegah senior Hannah Matrick. "I feel like everyone is more laid back. We all empower each other. I feel like,again, we're more of a family rather than a team. We're not separated competing against each other."

More than 50 gymnasts from the Stateline squad will compete against YMCA gyms from across the country this weekend in Wisconsin Dells.

"It all starts in the gym right now," said Struebin. "Everybody is focused in on getting their weak spots, not their weak spots anymore."

"I went last year and it was so fun," Arensdorf explained. "It's such a memorable thing to go with your coaches and teammates. It's really fun to compete and show off everything you've been working for."