Rockford ready for East appearance in Super-Sectional

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) It's the hottest ticket in town as #10 East gets ready for its first appearance in the Elite Eight since 2012. Fans get their hands on tickets for Tuesday night's main event.

The school opened on Sunday for a Super-Sectional ticket sale. The line was out the door waiting for the seats to become available. $11 gets you in the NIU Convocation Center to watch E-Rabs (33-2) take on Geneva (32-1) for the right to go down state.

Even those who don't go to East like Lutheran's Natalie Hooper and Brooke Bunjes are excited to support this team.

"It's been a long time since we've had so many people show up to games like this," said Hooper. "I've read articles in the newspaper about how long its been since anyone in the NIC-10 has succeeded and gone this far. It's just a special team so we'd like to watch."

Hooper's golfing teammate agreed.

"They're really good and it's just cool to see how they play together," said Bunjes. "They just work well as a team.""It's cool to have a good team to watch and have everybody can get together and support our local schools."

Chris Holstein has a daughter that goes to East. He said he could not wait to jump on the E-Rab bandwagon.

"The beginning of the season I wasn't really paying attention," said Holstein. "As it got more and more exciting, I was like, I got to go. I got to figure out how to go. I missed the games at RVC and I was like, I got to make this one somehow."