Rockford area golfers wait for courses to open in Illinois

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) "I think it would help us, definitely be happier if we can go out and play a little golf. This is what we've done all of our lives and we'd like to be able to continue."

Greater Rockford Golf Classic Men's and Women's champions Robert and Melissa Dofflemyer are mainstays in the area golfing community. With Wisconsin golf courses set to open on Friday, with new restrictions in place, the two have talked about crossing the Stateline to play.

"We read it a few days ago that they were going to reopen," said Melissa. "He had brought it up, like would we want to drive up there. It's not that far from here so it's definitely not out of the picture."

But the Dofflemyers would prefer that Illinois followed suit with other Midwest states like Iowa and Minnesota.

"Opening the golf courses, it wouldn't be about preparing for summer tournaments," said Robert. "It would be about just getting out, getting some exercise. I think that would be pretty nice and healthy for a lot of people to do."

In Wisconsin, golf carts are not allowed, pro shops and clubhouses must remain closed and tee times are spread out.

"I know in Wisconsin, you're not supposed to play with anyone that you don't live with already," explained Melissa. "I'm already living with Robert, so playing with him would be fine."

They have a few suggestions to help get Illinois courses back up and running.

"A lot of courses have raised the cups so you don't even have to bend down to pick up your golf ball out of the hole," said Robert. "It just hits the raised cup and you can just pick your golf ball up and go to the next hole."

"Golf courses would have had cashiers, plus starters, plus bag boys or whatnot already. So I think just having even one employee out there just to keep track of everything would be easy enough."

The two said the biggest thing right now is to stay safe.