Rockford Peaches raise money through memorabilia

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - As the Rockford Peaches continue their summer long celebration, team members and rivals come together to for a greater cause.

Clara Hellemann, a bat girl for the Peaches, and Maybelle Blair of the Peoria Redwings are promoting the game of women's baseball. The ladies are signing memorabilia to help raise funds for a new international women's baseball center to be built in Rockford. They say they want to see more girls play the game they love.

"Once you get through with little league there isn't any place for them to go. They have to go into softball, they're pushed into softball. Well, we don't want this," said Blair. "We want the girls to be able to play softball, but we want them to be able to play baseball.

"I taught (physical education) and I started teaching before Title IX came in and then it came in when I started coaching and that," said Hellemann. "It's just so wonderful to see how girls sports have developed and they've come into their own."