Rockford Olympians prepare for USA Games

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) Next month, some of the best athletes in the entire country will be converging on Seattle for the Special Olympics USA Games with three of the Stateline's top stars representing Illinois.

John Fayhee, Scot DeWall and Susan Kuborn will all make the trek out west for the national event, which is held every four years.

Fayhee and DeWall are the four-time state bocce champions while Kuborn is a multi-talented athlete and will be competing in the 100 meter run, running long jump, 4x100 meter relay and the javelin.

When the Guilford grad says she heard her name called, she was pleasantly surprised.

"Getting to find out that I was going to represent Team Illinois, it was just a shocker," said Kuborn. "Getting to know and finding out that I was going and then finding out that all my teammates and my coach are really excited that I'm going."

"I really like and enjoy meeting new people and I really like playing sports," said DeWall. "I really like doing that. I really love sports. It will be very exciting and hopefully I will bring a medal back to Rockford Red Hots."

Fayhee says this trip will all be about having fun.

"I think it just brings that much more awareness, attention and acknowledgement," said Fayhee. "Because everybody wants appreciation and approval. These people are no different. They generally are the most kind people you will ever meet because they smile and they don't know necessarily what it takes to interpret certain things but that doesn't make them any less of a person. The only requirement for that is a beating heart and live out how we should."

The USA Games begins July 1 at Husky Stadium in Seattle.