Rock Valley College Play of the Week

Every week, the 23 Sports Ticket will give you the chance to vote for your favorite plays from the high school football season. Come back here every Sunday night to see the nominees and then on Wednesday, we will reveal the winner.

Week 1: Sean Ormiston (Lena-Winslow)
Week 2: Hunter Hoffman & Gabe Howard (Du-Pec)
Week 3: Micah Gearhart (Winnebago)
Week 4: Khalil Givens & Dezzion Jordan (Jefferson)
Week 5: William Gustafson & Andrew Bowman (Aquin)
Week 6: Johnathan Starck & Dayvion Foreman (Boylan)
Week 7: Sean Ormiston (Lena-Winslow)
Week 8: William Gustafson & Brennan Carlson (Aquin)
Week 9: Jake Tapia (Belvidere North)