Panthers prepare for their "Super Bowl"

While this is the first time since 2013 that either Lena-Winslow or Tuscola is playing for the 1A title, these two programs are familiar with big games.

Both the Panthers and Warriors are two-time champions and on Friday morning, one of them will get number three.

"It has hit us. It's like woah, we're finally here," said senior running back Rahveon Valentine.

It's been a long road for Le-Win's group of seniors, who have waited four years for this.

For head coach Ric Arand, these Panthers are unlike any other of his past teams.

"It's a really unique, tight-knit group of kids," said Arand. "They work hard and they are all about football. I think it's the cohesiveness of this group and obviously on top of that there's some pretty good football players."

Le-win matches up against an unbeaten Tuscola squad which poses some distinct challenges in the trenches like their six-foot-five 285 pound Oklahoma State.

"I'd like to say we have the speed advantage on the line of scrimmage and they have the size advantage so hopefully our speed can off-set their size and allow us to win that battle which is crucial for us," Arand said.

"We play like brothers out there and we have each others back the whole time," said sophomore defensive lineman Isaiah Bruce. "I think we're just going to continue what we've been doing the whole season and control the whole line."

Tuscola's aerial threat is also something the Panthers have not seen this season with their QB averaging 230 yards and nearly three scores through the air per game.

"It is what it is at this point during the year and we're not going to go away from what we do best," said Arand. "I'd like to think we can be more physical than what they are and with the style of play we play. I'd also like to think our strength of schedule will also help in that respect as well."

Knowing the importance of this game, how focused will the Panthers be?

"All season we've been a loose team anyways and we know when to turn it off and be focused," Valentine said. "It's nothing different. We just need to keep the hype and come Friday, turn it on."