Olympian holds special clinic for Guilford swimmers

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) He has swam and won all over the world, and Saturday, Olympian Ian Crocker was in Rockford to help the next generation of swimmers.

The three-time gold medalist spends his time giving back to the swim community by hosting clinics across the country. Crocker said he was asked last summer to come to Guilford ahead of the Vikings fifth annual "Duel in the Pool" fundraiser.

Viking freshman state qualifier Ella Gasparini said she was excited to learn from an Olympian.

"He said a lot of things differently that I hadn't heard anybody say before," said Gasparini. "So it was good just to hear another opinion on certain things. Hearing lots of different ways of doing the same thing is very helpful because you have a better idea of what you're doing."

"I know when I was a kid and I saw a swimmer on TV or something like that," said Crocker "you get this impression that because they're swimming on TV and they're at this level, they must be a different type of human. It's important to come in and show them, no, I'm just a guy from Maine who lives in Texas and swims and had fun doing it and improving."