Martinez wins 6th national boxing title

Auburn senior Angel Martinez continues his fight to reach his Olympic dream in 2020. Last weekend, Martinez captured his sixth national title, this time at the Team USA boxing championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Martinez not only won the age 17-18 weight class, but he was also named Outstanding Boxer of the Tournament. Each time he steps into the ring, Martinez said he thinks about all those in Rockford who helped him get to where he is.

"I think about my family. I think about all my friends, all the supporters, my boxing team, everyone that's helped me get to where I am and it all just boosts my confidence," Martinez said.

Martinez won three fights to win the under 18 years old 108 pound title, and the win insures he will travel the world with Team USA boxing and train at the U.S. Olympic Boxing Center in Colorado.

"Winning the tournament, it just becomes expectation, winning these big tournaments, and winning the outstanding boxer... that's just icing on the cake," Martinez said. "It's come close to the National Golden Glove but this is probably the biggest tournament that I've ever won."