Lutheran teammates face off in college matchup

DeKalb, Ill. (WIFR) On Wednesday morning, the former Crusaders faced off on opposing college teams, with Woollacott's and the Huskies defeating Strawbridge and the Ramblers 80 to 71. After the game ended, the two shared a hug in the handshake and even caught up after the game.

"I circled this game on my calendar, it was exciting," said Strawbridge, a Loyola freshman point guard. "I'm not technically home but it's close enough that my school was here, my family was here, my grandparents drove into town, so it was a fun, it was a fun game."

"It was cool to be on the same court as her again, like back in high school," said Woollacott, an NIU sophomore forward. "She's definitely asked for some advice and stuff and I think she's just kind of mature to begin with so just watching her play as a freshman is really cool to see how she was able to handle the pressure handle the team, it was really cool."

In the stands was also a treat, with both Lutheran's girls and boys basketball teams attending the game, including kailyn's brother Kenny. Both girls said it's exciting to see so much local talent come from Lutheran.

"There's ballers coming out of Rockford Lutheran and Coach Carlson has really instilled this great foundation in us and we're just trying to keep it going," Strawbridge said.

"It's cool that they get to come and see how we've reached our goals in playing college basketball and it's really possible for them to do as well," Woollacott said.