Local schools light up stadiums to fight COVID-19

High school stadiums and fields have gone dark over the last month because of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking away those final memories from stateline seniors.

But as a part of a statewide campaign Friday night, local schools honored their athletes.

At 8 p.m., Auburn's Wyeth Stadium as well as other fields in the area were illuminated for the Lights for the Fight initiative.

Auburn sophomore Darby Whitmore even sang Andra Day's "Rise Up" to kick it off.

Every Friday, the 20 minute light display will show support for senior student-athletes, healthcare workers, and first responders.

Auburn Athletic Director Brad Pemberton and Jefferson AD Darrin Sisk say that this is just about showing solidarity.

"To come to a 'Hey, we're done' kind of conclusion, obviously we've got a great magnitude for what's going on throughout our nation right now, but we need to make sure we take time for our seniors to give them the best send-off that we can give them," said Sisk.

"We're showing support for our healthcare workers especially like my wife and her unit at Swedes and all of the first responders and all of the other essential workers that are out putting their lives at danger so that we can still function as a society and obviously protect the people that do get sick and try to help them recover," said Pemberton.