Local athletes compete at Illinois Junior Olympic Boxing tournament

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) Flinn Middle School hosted the 2019 Illinois Junior Olympic Boxing tournament.

More than 80 competitors from across the state were in the Forest City for the two-day event. Weight classes range from 70 lbs. to 176 lbs. Winners of the tournament will compete in Ohio at the Midwest Regionals.

15 of those who competed on Saturday come from the Patriots Gateway Boxing Club in Rockford. Head trainer Jimmy Goodman said this weekend was a learning experience for all.

"The kids, they train hard. They put in the effort and it shows off here in front of their hometown," said Goodman. "Get their hand raised hopefully and they feel like champions. If they don't, we don't call it losing, we call it learning. So we'll take it how we get it."