Little remembered in a big way

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) He was a leader on and off the court for South Beloit boys basketball and for the third year in a row, teammates, friends and family are keeping Antonio Little's name alive.

August 11th will mark the third annual Antonio Little Memorial Hoops Tournament.

Before Little tragically passed away three years ago, he was one of the leading scorers for a Sobos team that went 28-2 in 2009, earning the school's first AP number one ranking in the state.

Little was not only a great player, but a solid student as well with a 3.97 GPA.

His former teammates say they will always remember Little for the person that he was.

"He was a very determined, dedicated young man," said Little's teammate, Tonka Friar. "Most people don't know that he actually cared more about his grades than he cared about basketball. It just worked out that he had a great season."

"The most memorable thing about that season is the bond it created," said Terrel Williams, a teammate at South Beloit. "It created friends and brothers out of basketball for life. The best thing about Antonio was the way he led that team. He was a fierce leader. Those are the types of things I'll take with me."

The tournament will start at 10 a.m. at the UW Health Sports Factory.