Little remembered at third annual hoops tournament

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) It all started on a driveway. Family and friends wanted to remember late Sobos basketball star Antonio Little and little did they know that it would grow into what we saw on Saturday at the UW Health Sports Factory.

The place was packed for the third annual event, filling all of the courts with four different divisions including wheelchair games.

Last year, the tourney raised more than $2,600 and organizers hope to do even better this time around.

With all proceeds going towards Sobo boys and girls hoops, Rockford Park District youth sports and the Antonio Little College Scholarship Fund.

Little's father, Gary Owens, says this would make his son so proud.

"You cannot put it into words that the community would remember him like this," said Owens. "It's amazing. He is probably right now just sitting there and looking amazed at all of the talent that has come out from the small ones that play in elementary all the way up to the older guys that are trying to remember their youth and just playing hard ball."