Kyle Slattery continues golfing on pro tour in Arizona

When Kyle Slattery set out to chase his professional golf dreams in Arizona last year, he did not expect to be one of the few live sporting events playing through a pandemic. Now the Boylan grad is taking every opportunity to work on his golf game.

"There is so much talent and we're really competitive so it makes it a lot more fun."

Slattery followed another former Titan, Danny Gorman, down to the Grand Canyon State last fall turning pro in golf. He and Gorman are part of the professional developmental golf tour, the Outlaw Tour.

"It's been fun to make new friends and try to soak in all the information and stuff that they've learned coming from a rookie like me," said Slattery. "So, it's been great."

Slattery is in the top 40 on the money list with three Top 10 finishes. But as he stated, it's not win or lose, it's win or learn.

"My key is, as long as I continue to get better, there's no need to stop," explained Slattery. "I've definitely seen some improvements in my game and I'm starting to play better golf."

The tour is starting to get a little extra attention. With most of the sports world on hold, the Outlaw Tour is live streaming its tournaments on Twitter and Periscope.

"When they started the Periscope, I was fortunate to be in one of the last couple groups," said Slattery. "Just for my family and friends, my dad hasn't watched me compete in about a year, so he said that was very cool for him."

Daily fantasy sports betting sites have also taken notice of the golf tour.

"It's kind of funny, to have friends and stuff text you saying I saw your name on this and that. It's cool to be noticed like that."

Slattery is used to having the camera on him when playing in Rockford, but said it's great for everyone involved.

"It's really cool to see people following mini tour golf. It kind of goes unnoticed and as you can see, there's so much talent in it. It's really cool to get some recognition and I'm happy for the Outlaw Tour because they do a lot for us."

Slattery plans to be back in Rockford for a couple weeks after the Scottsdale Open this week. He will then head out for the Dakotas Tour that takes place in North Dakota and South Dakota. That starts in June. Four PGA golfers will take part in the Scottsdale Open, including Rockford ProAm veteran Kevin Streelman.