Kids Spot Allstars sends five teams to championships

ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) -- With more than 9,000 competitive cheerleaders converging on Orlando for the Worlds Championship this weekend, the Stateline is able to boast because not just one, but five different local teams are making the trip to show off their hard work.

Kids Spot Allstars out of Roscoe will travel to Disney World to compete in the Competitive Cheerleading Worlds Championship as well as The Summit All Star Championship.

The five teams' ages vary from six all the way to 26, and each show off individual and team stunts and tumbling skills.

KSA says they're excited to represent the Rockford area at such a high-caliber competition, but since everyone could not make the trip, they held one last performance for friends and family.

"It's really meaningful because a lot of my family can't go all the way down there to watch me compete, so it's really nice that they get to watch me here," said Giannah Mabie.

"We've done a lot of extra practices and we do a lot of full-out, practice after practice, and all of us get really tired but we just push through as a team and work together," said Molly Tomash. "I get nervous before we go on, but I'm really excited to go out there and do what I love with my team."

KSA did not automatically qualify for the event and could not be more excited when they got the call.

"We competed at quite a few events and you have to get a bid to get to go to the World Championship," said Savanna Hansen. "International bids are a little bit harder to get so we finally got one just a few weeks ago and it was one of the last competitions so we're super excited. The little kids will be doing more of Level 1 - Level back handsprings, and then our team will be doing full twisting single and double layouts, double twisting dismounts, free flipping pyramids, things like that."

The USASF Worlds Championship will be held from April 29-May 1 and The Summit will be May 5-7.