Hono grad Briscoe 'living in the moment' during pandemic

ESPN is a very different place without sports.

Hononegah grad and SportsCenter anchor Nicole Briscoe knows that very well as the show must go on despite the lack of events to cover.

But she says this time is only giving her more appreciation for everything else in her life.

The Roscoe native says her employer has taken many precautions during this pandemic and, just like at WIFR, ESPN is spreading its workers around the newsroom and is having people work from home.

Briscoe says much of her time is dedicated to cleaning from when she arrives in the parking lot to when she wipes her desk down at the end of the day.

She says the absence of sports is only going to make her passion for it grow when it returns.

"You don't miss something until it's gone," said Briscoe. "We sort of take the little things for granted and I think in all areas of life, I'm learning to live a bit more in the moment and enjoy what's in front of me and when those sporting events come back, I'm going to be so happy and just so grateful I think."