GAR celebrates tumbling and trampoline national champions

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) The bar is set so high inside the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford it can be difficult for teams to outdo the previous year's accomplishments, but no matter how hard it may be, the young athletes continue to make it happen.

GAR's tumbling and trampoline teams ran away with another title at the 2019 USTA National Championships in Charleston, West Virginia.

They took first in all trampoline events, second for advanced events overall and 30 of its athletes took home gold. 75 of GAR's tumblers and trampoline athletes placed in the top three.

But everything did not go so smoothly at the state competition, where head coach Ute Hager says they were forced to make adjustments.

"I guess other clubs are paying attention to what we are doing and trying to catch us," said Hager. "It was showing at state where one club tied with us in first place and we had to go back and restructure the team. We knew we had to step it up and we had to go back to basics and fix what we needed to fix and we pulled through."