First Look Frenzy: East E-Rabs

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 8:00 PM CDT
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2018 did not end the way E-Rabs football would have liked with a loss to Belvidere North to end the regular season followed up by a playoff shutout defeat to Simeon.

So the quickest way to get that taste out of East's mouth was to start the 2019 season as soon as possible.

That's exactly what the E-Rabs did early Monday morning as they got to work as soon as the clock struck midnight.

It's the third straight year head coach Gary Griffin has opened with a midnight practice and maybe there is something to it.

The E-Rabs are coming off a 5-5 season and back-to-back playoff appearances. Players say it's a great way to bond three weeks before the first game.

"I love to come out here with my team and practice with my team because that's all I got," said running back Tayveon Lake. "That's all we got so we're going to do what we've got to do with the team that we've got."

"It's crazy because it was kind of hard, it's tiring," said quarterback CJ Berry. "Because you're coming in practicing after a long day and stuff like that, but it was pretty fun."

"It's just an opportunity for us to build a little bit, team build a little bit and be together," said Griffin. "It's just something exciting for our kids. They're getting to practice before anybody else so it's kind of cool."

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