First Look Frenzy: Du-Pec Rivermen

PECATONICA, Ill. (WIFR) The Durand-Pecatonica co-op would not mind getting a do-over after its first season together, however, it should not be too difficult to better themselves following a 1-8 year in the NUIC.

The Rivermen believe they are meshing well, but are still working on the mental aspect of their game.

Head coach Tyler Hoffman says that is what he is preaching the most so they do not let games slip away like in year one.

Over the last 13 seasons, the two sides have combined for only two playoff appearances and while that may not be a likely outcome for this fall, Du-Pec players like what they are seeing during practice.

"The team's actually looking pretty good over the last couple weeks of practice and we've come a long way from last year," said senior lineman Logan Knutti. "We've got some sophomore stepping up and putting some pressure on the juniors and seniors. They're really making good competition so we have a better team. It makes the upperclassmen work harder. We all feel great that they're putting the pressure on us and making us work harder so we're better in the long run."