First Look Frenzy: Dakota Indians

DAKOTA, Ill. (WIFR) It's a given that every team in the NUIC is relying heavily on the run game so it may be how good a team is at throwing the ball that will separate it from the rest. Dakota may have an arm-up on the conference.

The Indians have one of the best passers from 2018 returning for another year under center in Josh Clark. The senior quarterback threw for 950 yards and had one of the best TD-to-INT ratios in the NUIC with 12 touchdowns and five picks.

Being in a conference with teams like Forreston and Lena-Winslow, which are going to be a lot bigger in size, the Indians are going to have to utilize their speed. Clark believes that includes the quickness of his decision making.

"Last year was all new stuff that we were doing so this year I've had a whole year to get it under my belt so it's getting more comfortable," said Clark. "The more comfortable, the faster you make decisions, the better you make decisions and it just makes the decisions easier."

"We've built an offense where we think we can play with the bigger teams even though we don't match up as big as them," said senior tight end Wyatt Rockey.

"Our goal is the run, but we want to be about 60-40 run," said head coach Joe Free. "We look at our passing game as an extension of the run game. We're not going to be airing it our deep and going all crazy with that. We're going to run a lot of short stuff, a lot of west coast concepts and principles so it's just an extension of our run game."