First Look Frenzy: Christian Life Eagles

Christian Life has already succumbed to the switch to eight-man.

Low turnout forced the team's hand.

But with other schools now faced with the same decision, the Eagles are turning into the welcoming party.

Already in a co-op with Keith Country Day, Christian Life is set to join forces with Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, pending approval by the IHSA.

With the move expected, Guardians players are already at practice getting ready for their first game in Wisconsin.

While head coach Bill Shepard says he is not allowed to comment on the potential co-op, he believes more and more schools will have no choice but to make the switch in the future.

"I can't say anything at this point and nobody can say anything at this point," said Shepard. "We are basically waiting for it to be final so that's what we're talking about. With 8-Man, we're the only game in town. Some of the teams in the surrounding areas, they're really going to have to consider it. I think our NAC conference was really supportive when we had to switch. We're still in the NAC for everything else."