First Look Frenzy: Belvidere Bucs

BELVIDERE, Ill. (WIFR) Former NIU wide receiver PJ Fleck is the master of the motto. His 'Row the Boat' helped him earn a Big Ten job and now Darin Wecker is trying to do the same at Belvidere, but he wants his kids to 'Burn the Boat.'

The Bucs are not turning back as the 2019 season approaches. There is not much behind them after three straight losing seasons, but even after losing many of their offensive weapons they are feeling good about the future.

Wecker is pleased to see 75 players out this summer, which means Belvidere can field varsity, sophomore and freshman teams this fall.

One of those Bucs that Wecker will be relying on is senior running back and linebacker Dillon Reidinger and he is pretty hard to miss.

"It's really about showing them on and off the field," said Reidinger. "I tell them almost every day how much I'm eating, drinking and getting enough sleep. They show off the field and they do that and when they come on the field I'm flying around, I'm screaming and I'm yelling. You can ask anybody here, I'm the loudest guy on this field all day every day. I just try and promote that and get everyone to jump on the bandwagon. Because if we're all flying, we're all screaming, we're all having fun and we're all playing good Buc football."