Charter schools come together for basketball tournament

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) Galapagos Rockford Charter School hosted the second annual all-city, middle school boys charter school basketball tournament on Ssaturday.

It was an idea to promote cooperation amongst the charter schools in the Forest City. It's something Galapagos Dean of School Culture Rajan Sharma hopes will last a long time. He also said it's a learning opportunity to being a student-athlete.

"They don't get to practice if they don't get their job done in the classroom," said Sharma. "And they're definitely not going to play in the game, if they're not attending practice."

Sharma said the tournament has grown in fan participation since the inaugural tournament a year ago. He said 145 people packed the gym on Saturday, a 33% increase in fans. Sharma would like to see it expand to other choice schools such as Christian Life or Rockford Lutheran in the future.

"So as this tournament has led up, we've been using that has leverage to get the kids to realize what's expected of them," said Sharma. "It's an ongoing, day-to-day, class period by class period reminder that they are the leaders of our school and they need to represent the name that's on their jersey."