Auburn grad preaches patience as he fights for AEW contract

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 10:56 PM CDT
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Saleiq Rafeequllah believes professional wrestling can take him any place he wants to go.

At the start of the pandemic, there was not really anywhere to go, but his career path took a sudden turn anyways.

"I've always said it's going to happen, but I don't know when," said Rafeequllah. "I'm just going to be patient, my time is going to come and just have a good attitude. But when I got the call, I was just like, "Oh, ok, right now?""

While training in Atlanta, the Auburn grad got a call from his coach, who just happened to be a wrestler and producer for All Elite Wrestling.

They needed athletes due to the COVID-19 pandemic so Rafeequllah, also known as Fearless Musa, got his big break on the promotion's weekly YouTube show, AEW Dark.

"I was nervous and I was shaking," Rafeequllah said. "Even going back there and seeing all these big names, I was just like, "Is this real?" Now, I'm a little more comfortable."

Growing up in Rockford, Rafeequllah watched wrestling with his late grandfather, Musa, whose name he is using in his honor.

He says he learned a lot from the person he calls 'the smartest man he's ever known,' especially how to represent their faith.

Muslim wrestlers have long been portrayed as the bad guys, but Rafeequllah wants to change that.

"To have the Arabic on the tights, to come out with the keffiyeh scarf, some people might think one thing when they see it, but when I come out, I want to smile, I want to break that stereotype," said Rafeequllah. "To go out and do something totally different that a lot of people haven't seen is very important to me."

The Rockford native is also trying to better represent the "fearless" part of his name because he says he was not always fully committed to wrestling.

"I had a good job and I was scared to go out there and risk it," Rafeequllah said. "If you have something you want to do, that has to be your Plan A. It can't be your Plan B."

Rafeequllah believes his Plan A is only just starting to pay off and preaches patience to anyone who's thinking about taking a chance.

"With patience and you give it your all, everything will work out," said Rafeequllah. "I promise. You just have to risk a lot of things and you have to make sacrifices."

Rafeequllah says with his exposure on AEW Dark every week, he has been getting a lot of requests for future independent shows and one place he said he really wants to wrestle is Rockford.

If you want to see more of Fearless Musa, you can visit his YouTube


If you want to represent the Rockford native, you can find his t-shirts on his page at the Pro Wrestling Tees