Mostaccioli with Zucchini


5 – 6 Small Zucchini, cut lengthwise & sliced thin
Large Onion, cut into crescents
5 – 6 Garlic Cloves, sliced thin
Olive Oil
1 Lb Mostaccioli
Salt & Pepper
Goat Cheese


Cook mostaccioli in boiling salted water.
In a large pan , sauté zucchini and onion in olive oil. When zucchini and onions begin to soften add garlic . Stir over medium heat until garlic begins to lightly brown. Salt and Pepper to taste.
Cook mostaccioli until al dente, drain reserving a small amount of the cooking water.
Toss pasta with zucchini adding a small amount of cooking water to moisten .
Toss in crumbled goat cheese and serve.