Lino's Fresh Mozzarella


3 – 5lbs Mozzarella Curd
Can be ordered on internet or through a local Italian specialty store.

Pot of Water to 180 degrees

Salted, Cold Water Bath for when Mozzarella is complete


1. Take the chill off the curd by letting set out of the cooler several hours.
2. Cut curd in to 2”x2” pieces and put into a large bowl.
3. If the curd is not room temperature gradually add water (aprox. 130 degrees).
Let sit for a few minutes till curd becomes slightly tender and drain.
4. Add 175 – 180 degree water to curd . Gently stir using a wooden spoon.
Do not force the curd to come together. If water is hot enough it will melt.
If water is too hot the curd will break down and become
nearly impossible to bring together.
5.As curd melts begin gently stretching with spoon.
6. Once curd is smooth carefully begin to form into ball shapes
and put into the cold water bath for about 5 min..
Over working will create a tough mozzarella.