Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Again Tuesday Night

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Unfortunately for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts, Monday night's initial peak of the Perseid Meteor Showers was drowned out by the extensive cloudiness left over in the wake of earlier showers and storms Monday afternoon and evening.

While cloud cover won't be quite as thick Tuesday night into early Wednesday Morning, there'll be a substantial amount of cloudiness around, which could block our viewing for a considerable amount of time over a good portion of the sky.

Complicating matters further is the fact we're less than two days away from a full moon. The added moonlight will serve to drown many of the meteors during the overnight hours into the wee hours of Wednesday.

That said, we should have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of at least a few meteors dashing through the sky. For the best chances to do so, make sure to head out of town, away from light. Give your eyes a good 20-30 minutes to get acclimated to the darkness, and then look just east of due north in the skies above.