Zion Development looks to rehab vacant Rockford home

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Zion Development Corporation is looking to transform a vacant building in the Rockford's Orchid neighborhood into a mixed-income development.

Zion presented its proposal to the city council Monday night. Zion says one unit would be low income and built using federal funding while the other unit would be built using private financing and rented at market rate.

Construction for the housing space is expected to cost around $200,000. Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara says continued developments will help make the area more sought after.

"It can be used to rehabilitate dilapidated properties in a low-income neighborhood and start moving that neighborhood in a positive direction. Our hope here is that this will be the stimulus necessary to encourage more private investment in this neighborhood," said McNamara.

Some council members were concerned with providing another low-income housing space in an area surrounded by poverty. Zion hopes the development will help revitalize the neighborhood and surrounding areas.