Ingersoll tasked with building world's largest ground telescope

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 10:54 PM CDT
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A Rockford machine company joins a worldwide effort to explore life outside of earth and study black holes.

Ingersoll Machine Tools recently won a 135-million-dollar contract to build a giant telescope. They call it the "Giant Magellan" expected to weigh in at 13,000 tons and made of steel. It's expected to have a resolution power ten times greater than the current leading global telescope. It's expected to take a total of nine years to build at the forest city manufacturing company before it's installed in Chile.

The telescope is expected to be delivered to Chile in 2025 and become fully functional by 2028

"It’s going to allow them to take on some science projects that are unprecedented. It may get to the question of are we alone,” said Chip Storie from Ingersoll. “To be able to look so far to find OUT is there life out there somewhere."