Workshop teaches students about STEM careers

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Students interested in STEM fields could come out Saturday to the Discovery Center Museum to see exactly what it's like to work in those positions.

A group called Pre-College Initiative - the National Society of Black Engineers (or NSBE) worked with students who were nominated to come out because of their interest in STEM fields.

One way they help students is by people who are currently working in those positions speak with students about their day to day duties.

"Not every student you encounter necessarily wants to do engineering, but they're interested in some type of STEM field, and they may not even know about engineering or the other various STEM fields that are available to them. So we just wanna take the time and expose them to it, and if they have any questions, we're here to answer those questions for them,” said Pre-College Initiative Member Osyria Webster.

There will be another event about STEM education on March 9. It will focus on jobs in the chemistry field.