Woodworkers make 300 pens to send to troops in combat zones

Published: Mar. 2, 2019 at 7:15 PM CST
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Woodworkers in Rockford are making a difference in the lives of veterans by making pens for those stationed in combat zones.

Saturday, the Northern Illinois Woodturners turned 300 pens by using lathes. All of these pins started out as just blocks of wood.

This is their way of reminding troops that we're still thinking about them here at home. The group estimates that they've made around 3,000 pens since they started making them. They meet once a year to make pens.

"We do get emails back from the troops, and that makes it very rewarding when you get a thank you from somebody over there for a simple pen, and it just makes their day,” said Dave Alfredson with Northern Illinois Woodturners.

These pens also serve as an important reminder to the locals overseas that learning to read and write can improve their lives.