Rockford conference teaches women about health

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The health and happiness of women: that was the focus of a women's wellness conference today at the Riverfront Museum Park.

Today's conference offered services like free flu and pneumonia shots, screenings for breast cancer and yoga sessions.

Visitors could also get information about things like skin care, essential oils, and crystals. There were also speakers for topics like fighting food addiction and helping people navigate health insurance.

"Access to healthcare's extremely important these days, and a person's ability or inability to pay shouldn't prevent them from having that access, so that's part of why we're doing this fair, especially for women, to make sure they can get that health information they need to stay healthy," said Illinois State Senator Steve Stadelman.

Speakers at today's conference also stressed the importance of getting ahead of your health by being proactive about maintaining it instead of just treating problems when they come.