Women's conference targets domestic violence

FREEPORT Ill (WIFR)--- On Saturday, Wisdom and You enterprises hosted the Wealth of Wisdom Women's conference in Freeport.

The conference chose to focus on domestic violence due the recent crimes related to the issue. The conference consisted of a panel that included a domestic violence survivor.

"Part of what we're wanting to do this month is bring light to women and girls to say there are signs that maybe you're over looking that you need to be aware of," says founder and CEO, Dianna Cole.

Vesta Bush, a domestic violence victim, says she was married to her abuser for 15 years.

"Sometimes you see the signs and sometimes you don't. Sometimes it just happens but it can be little things leading up to it like agitating, irritating things that would just be leading up to it and you would just know what the end result would be," says Bush.

Bush uses spaces like the conference to raise awareness. The conference will also be hosted in Rockford on March 16.