Women's March Rockford looks toward future and inclusion

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- Members of the Women's March Rockford met Sunday to discuss the future of the organization.

Women's March Rockford meeting

"We are united in our belief that every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect," reads Alicia Neubauer from the mission statement. "What's the future going to be," she asks.

For Neubauer, she hopes the future is filled with women of color in leadership roles. "We need to recognize privileges in our lives, and we need to look back and help out the others that are around us, and lift them up."

Women's March Rockford is a non-partisan grassroots organization aimed to help anyone who feels marginalized.

"It says something about our community that we have it," says Mary McNamara Bernsten. "I think women are looking at each other, and they're looking past race, they're looking past religion, they're looking past cultures. We're looking through those filters and welcoming each other. And I think it says a lot about Rockford that that's where we're at right now."

Group members say it's more than the nationwide march in January, it's about growing as an organization to tackle issues, and advocate for specific human rights.

As for their future, many members expressed the need for structure and committees to take on issues. Some mentioned lobbying or becoming a 501 C3 organization for monetary needs. In order to keep a non-partisan title, they discussed the fine line between lobbying for issues, and for candidates.