Woman creates needlepoint 'Last Supper' for Rockford church

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- One local woman set out on a mission to make a needlepoint recreation of the famous "Last Supper" painting.

Day after day, Betty Seiter spent time dedicated to making the stitched work of art come to life.The project was expected to take three years to complete, but she completed it in just 10 months.

Seiter would spend nearly 5 hours every day on the project. She says the project was inspired by a visit to Chicago.

"I went to Chicago and found somebody who had the pattern to do that in needle work, in cross stitch which I do," Seiter said. "So I bought it and did it for the church."

The product is on display at Court Street Methodist Church. The church will perform a live recreation of the Last Supper this weekend.