Coldest November start on record; Rain with a few flakes on the way

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The cold hard facts are in. Not just for Rockford but for many locations across northern Illinois and the Midwest, November is off to a record start.

Reliable weather records began in Rockford back in 1905 but the November data goes back until 1950. November's first 15 days in 2019 are record breaking! The average temperature for November 1-15, 2019 is 29.2°. This beats the previous coldest November 1-15 record back in 1991 that has an average of 29.5°.

For November 11-16, the snow depth is greater than 1 inch. This is the earliest stretch of 6+ days with 1 inch or higher of snow depth too. But with high temperatures above freezing, melting continues to occur so the snow depth will continue to go down.

Today (Saturday), had a high of only 40°. This marks the 25th consecutive day where high temperatures at RFD were at or below normal. This trend does look to continue at least for a few more days. Weather conditions will also change for Sunday, as a cold front is eyeing the Stateline.

Sunday will start with overcast skies but will remain dry. Precipitation chances go up later in the morning and continue that trend through the afternoon and early evening hours. Most of the Stateline will see rain with the potential there for the rain to mix with snowflakes in some spots.

IF SNOW WERE TO FALL AT ALL... Spots east and south of Rockford at this time look to have the highest potential to see any small snowfall accumulation. The good news is that the snowfall potential is not big at all. We are thinking most spots will see anywhere from a Trace-0.5 inch with isolated amounts near an inch. Otherwise, this will be a mainly rain event.

This will be done by tomorrow night and continued below temperatures will go into this upcoming week as well.