Winnebago students celebrate annual Abilities Awareness Week

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WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Winnebago School District has students of all ages engaging in Abilities Awareness Week.

School District 323 has organized age-specific activities in a week-long mission to celebrate individual strengths. Teachers say the week serves as a way to remind everyone to be kind, lift one another up and accept all people despite their differences.

Some of the events include student dress up days, a dance-off, and an anti-bullying assembly. Some students took it a step further.

"The first day we made blue post it notes. So you had to write kind words or positivity on the blue post it notes," said Paige Leathers, Winnebago student council member. "Then a group of students went to the middle school Tuesday morning and put them on the middle school lockers, so we spread kindness and let them know more about the week."

Winnebago High School students also read anti-bullying books to the students in the lower grade levels.

The school district have also organized special shirt sales throughout the week. Proceeds benefit social and emotional life skills programs.