Winnebago County Jail struggles to retain correction officers

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- The Winnebago County Jail is doing everything they can to grab the attention of new applicants but they say keeping them is another problem.

"We have the second largest jail in the state, today's correctional officers face a younger, more angry more proven violent group of inmates," says Chief deputy Mark Karner.

Also part of the issue is the budget hindering them from not only hiring the proper staff but also paying them well enough.

"Other counties are willing to pay their correctional officers more money per hour than our county," says Chief Karner.

But the jail is also being proactive and finding unique ways to promote a career as an officer.

"They're going to be advertising at Ice Hogs games, possibly baseball games, television ads trying to encourage citizens that are looking for a good job," says Aaron Booker, chairman of the public safety committee of the Winnebago County board.