Winnebago County Health Department responds to recent COVID-19 concerns

Published: Mar. 7, 2020 at 2:39 PM CST
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Early Saturday morning, rumors began spreading throughout the county that there was a case of the Coronavirus. As of Saturday afternoon, the Winnebago County Health Department confirms that is not the case.

In a letter released this afternoon, it states in part "While Winnebago County has NO confirmed cases of COVID-19, it has evaluated and monitored community residents for the infection with hospital partners. The evaluation has included assessment of contacts to the individual. Based on the assessment, contacts may quarantined and monitored until they are cleared by the Winnebago County Health Department. None of the persons that we have monitored have been confirmed. We do expect in the future to have confirmed cases associated with community transmission or spread in the disease."

While the health department does say there are still chances of confirmed cases in the near future, they say it is not 100% certain that will happen and that its necessary to keep the privacy of the individuals that are being evaluated as these are difficult times for everyone.

When there is a confirmed case, that information will be shared with the community by the Winnebago County Health Department.