Winnebago County Courthouse releases new bag guidelines

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office says bags of any kind will no longer be allowed into the Winnebago County Courthouse starting October 23.

The restrictions were enacted because of recent budget cuts, as well as safety concerns. Certain types of bags, such as diaper bags and medical supply bags, may still be allowed.

Officials say anyone who comes into the courthouse with a prohibited bag will not be allowed to enter with it. Because of the new rules, the sheriff's office says lines will be longer and people should allow extra time to go through screening.

The sheriff's office wants to remind people to leave the following items at home:
-Crochet or knitting needles
-Fingernail files
-Firearms and ammunition
-Flashlights over 3 inches
-Handcuff keys
-Laser pointers
-Letter openers
-Mace or pepper spray
-Metal combs
-Pointed can openers
-Wire cutters
-Other items that deputies feel will compromise the security or integrity of the courthouse.