Winnebago County Animal Services no longer taking trapped wildlife

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR) – With warming temperatures we may be seeing more critters running in our yards but Winnebago County Animal Services says they are no longer accepting wildlife caught by families.

Instead, nuisance animals like raccoons and groundhogs should be caught and turned in by a private wildlife trapper licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Services. Animal Services says it will respond to calls for sick or injured animals found near our homes.

They also say this time of year we see more wildlife babies but we should not disturb nearby nests.

According to the University of Illinois Extension website, signs that an animal is sick or injured include:

-Obvious wounds or bleeding
-Problems standing or inability to stand
-Trouble holding head up
-Lethargic, appears unable to see or react to stimuli
-Missing hair or fur
-Excessive urination or fecal staining on rear end
-Signs of neurological trauma such as seizures or walking in circles

For more information on living with wildlife, please click on the attached related link.

Although Animal Services does not have the capability at their facility to rehabilitate wildlife, they may be able to refer you to other resources. If you have questions, please call a local wildlife rehabilitator or Winnebago County Animal Services at 815-319-4100 or visit