Willis Tower in Chicago goes dark due to power outage from massive flooding

Courtesy: Trish Williams
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CHICAGO, Ill. (WIFR) -- Due to massive flooding​ in the buildings basement, the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago was completely black and will remain that way for several days.

The famed “Sears Tower” suffered a blackout Sunday after massive flooding caused a power outage in the high-rise — with many Chicagoans suddenly seeing an ominous face staring down at them, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Chicagoans who noticed that their beloved “Sears Tower” had lost its twinkling lights were quick to comment on social media that they found the whole thing “creepy.”

Others noticed that the tower looked like it had a face, and thought it gave the impression of a disappointed robot, who’s just as done with 2020 as the rest of us.

The power outage keeps the building closed to tenants and paused the broadcasting of some TV and radio stations.