Rockford colder Wednesday than parts of Alaska, Antarctica, Mt. Everest

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Wednesday's frigid cold forecast in the Stateline is no secret.

The National Weather Service predicts​ Fahrenheit temperatures could reach minus 32 by the end of the night with a wind chill of 55 below zero.

According to national and international weather models, Wednesday's weather is expected to leave Rockford colder than some of the coldest destinations in the world, including...

1. Moscow, Russia​ (30 degrees Fahrenheit)
2. Yukon,Canada​ (13 degrees)
3. Oslo, Norway​ (10 degrees)
4. Nuuk, Greenland​ (7 degrees)
5. Magadan, Russia​ (7 degrees)
6. Fairbanks, Alaska​ (4 degrees)
7. Amundsen-Scott South Pole in Antarctica (minus 5 degrees)
8. Fargo, North Dakota (minus 24 degrees)
9. Manitoba, Canada (minus 25 degrees)
10. Mt. Everest (minus 27 degrees)