Warmer temperatures encourages people to get outside

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Temperatures reached the upper 30’s Monday and many people took advantage of the warmer weather and got outside.

Karl Dundore was born and raised in Rockford and is used to the cold. “You have to make friends with the winter,” he said.

Dundore walks everyday with his wife, but with the below zero temperatures we’ve had lately, it’s been tough to get outside.

"We've had trouble with the wind chill lately too, so when that dumps it down another 20 degrees it's like let's not go out unless we have to,” said Dundore.

With the temperature finally rising into the mid 30’s, Dundore and many others can now get outdoors.

"This is the first day that I've been out walking on the bike path. It's beautiful down here today and I think there's been about a 20-degree change so that's always amazing,” said Dundore.

The cold and snowy weather has also left cars covered in salt.
"I'm from California, I don't like it. It pretty much put us in the house the entire time,” said Rockford resident Bill Moore.

That’s why Moore is braving the long lines and taking advantage of the weather to wash his car.

"Car needs to be washed, it's nice outside, wanted to get out of the house for a little bit so my little road trip for the day,” said Moore.

As the temperature looks to stay warm for the next few days, many people like Dundore are looking forward to enjoying the weather.

"If you could keep the temperatures right about here that would be awesome and we could come down here every day,” said Dundore.