Warm weather extends landscaping season

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Typically, this is the time of the year where landscaping companies shut down for the season, but this year is quite a different story.

Once the grounds begin to freeze and the snow falls, many landscaping companies do a 180 and transition to snow plowing, but one local business says they are still getting calls for landscaping work for this year.

Crimson Valley Landscaping says the business is currently doing fall clean-ups and installation jobs for the winter time at commercial and residential properties. The landscaping business typically shuts down at the beginning of December to focus on snow removal, but with December just a few days away and the weather in the 50's, landscaping season has been extended meaning more hours for Crimson Valley Workers.

"Usually there's a transition period at the end of the season where we're still trying to get work done but we need those guys and that equipment for snow, and we haven't had to make that transition yet, so with this warm weather and mild temperatures we still have crews out working. We're still able to finish jobs that we may not have been able to finish otherwise, so it's great for the company, great for our guys, and great for the clients too," says Crimson Valley Landscaping General Manager, Christopher Bausman.

The general managers say they are enjoying not receiving those late-night snow removal calls yet, but safety is their highest priority, so once the snow falls it's all-hands-on-deck. For now, they are still in their landscape season.

Crimson Valley Landscaping hopes for a snowy season over the next few months to keep their workers busy throughout the winter.