Walmart hosts its first Wellness Day event

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ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) -- Walmart stores across the country hosted the first Walmart Wellness Day event of the year Saturday to provide possible life-saving screenings to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

This free health screening event provides an opportunity to learn valuable health information. Walmart is introducing a virtual reality experience in select stores to help people quit smoking. According to the CDC, approximately 15.8-percent of adults in Illinois smoke cigarettes regularly. This free resource is intended to be a step toward quitting tobacco.

"A big thing here is keeping an eye on our community and making sure that we're doing things that improve our community’s health. The screenings, we don't diagnose here but it's the first avenue to see, if the blood sugars are high, if the blood pressure is high, then we can refer them for further medical advice,” said RC Ibrahim, the Pharmacy Manager at the Rockton Walmart.

Walmart announced it will be the first national pharmacy chain to offer free opioid disposal solution at all pharmacy locations. The company has provided more than 1.7 million free screenings and 225,000 immunizations to people across the country.